About Rental Mice: Your Gadget Rental Specialists in Singapore

Rental Mice by New Edge Technology Pte Ltd is a premier MICE technology company in Singapore, offering state-of-the-art IT rental solutions. Our expertise in supporting successful events extends to providing top-tier gadgets like gaming laptops, interactive touch screens, VR headsets, digital screens, and more, all tailored for the Singapore event market. 


We also provide onsite event support with a comprehensive range of services, ensuring every aspect of your event’s technology needs are expertly managed.

offering you a full range of services provided by an experienced and specialized team.

New Edge Technology is an event technology company in Singapore, offering cutting-edge IT rental solutions and technical services for diverse events. 

Our team has been in the event industry for years. Indeed, we have supported numerous successful events in Singapore and are expanding rapidly in South East Asia.

Our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters – their core business. 

Through our range of tech rental services, from laptops to interactive touch screens and mobile wifi options, we ensure clients stay ahead in the technology landscape, maximizing success.

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Cutting-Edge IT Rentals

We specialize in the latest technology, including laptops, interactive touch screens, and more, ensuring your event has the most advanced tools for success.

Diverse Industry Experience

Our expertise spans numerous industries, making us adept at understanding and catering to specific event needs, whether it’s a corporate meeting or a large-scale conference.

Exceptional Technical Services

Beyond equipment rental, our team offers comprehensive technical support, ensuring smooth operation and addressing any challenges swiftly.

Operational Excellence Focus

We help you focus on what really matters – your core business. By managing the technical aspects of your event, we free up your resources for other critical tasks.

Ahead in Tech Landscape

Keeping up with technological advancements is our forte, which means your event will always be at the forefront of tech trends, impressing attendees and enhancing engagement.


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You can also reach us at +65 6330 5511 or email us at sales@rentalmice.com.

Technology Required

Start by letting us know what you need. Our team will simplify this process for you.

Event Data Security

Run your events with ease with reliable gadgets and support.

Post Event Data Wiping

All data gathered on all gadgets deployed will be wiped after events.

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