Event Registration Kiosks and Onsite Badge Printing Services: 5 Benefits of Having These Services

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The registration process is one of the most fast-paced parts of any event. This part is when the influx of participants and inquirers is expected. An event registration kiosk and onsite badge printing service can speed up this process and allow you to start your events on the right foot. 

Different events require a smooth transition from one part to another. If events are disjointed from the start, they will likely carry over until the end. Renting different essentials during these gatherings will help you have a smooth operation from start to finish. 

This article covers what event registration kiosks are. Additionally, you can also read about onsite badge printing services here. Last but not least, we will also cover the benefits of having these services. If you want an excellent start for your events, the following sections will help you achieve that.  

Event Registration Kiosk

event registration kiosks and onsite badge printing

The registration process is where the organisers confirm the attendance of participants. This part also serves as the event’s security since you can determine who’s on the list. Ensure the event’s smooth flow from the beginning by renting this kiosk. 

Everything within this kiosk is designed to ensure a convenient user experience. Gone are the days of using lists on clipboards or checking spreadsheets to confirm attendance. 

Here are the features you can expect from this service: 

  • Tablet/laptop rental – If you ever need a laptop or tablet before the event, this is where you can find them. Rental Mice, an event technology rental service in Singapore, prides itself on having multiple technology rental services, including laptops and tablets
  • Badge printing and Badge Box The badge printing service is also included in this kiosk. Some events require badges, so this service saves you the time of going to different booths for printing. 
  • Barcode scanners – These scanners offer a user-friendly and quick event registration method. If you’ve previously registered online, all you have to do is scan your code to this device, saving you time and effort. 

Onsite Badge Printing Service

event registration kiosks and onsite badge printing

The event registration kiosk and onsite badge printing service go hand-in-hand. Every event requires a badge or an ID. Some organisers prepare these badges ahead of time, while some print them during the event. If you want to print the badges during registration, Rental Mice’s onsite badge printing service can help. 

Badges also require other components, like lanyards. You don’t have to worry about those things if you get this service. 

To maximize the attendees’ experience, you can also get these things alongside the onsite badge printing service: 

  • Pre-printed custom badges – Those with custom badges can expect to see them at the event registration kiosk. These services are prepared for pre-made badges or printing new ones during the event. 
  • Custom-designed lanyards  – A lanyard is sure to follow whenever there’s a badge. You can expect lanyards printed with the company’s logo or other custom prints through this service. 
  • Printable wristband – If you want to crank up your swag, these services also offer a printable wristband. 
  • Badge holder – Protect your badge by getting a badge holder. Event registration kiosks and onsite badge printing services are there to make your event smooth, including protecting your badges. 

5 Benefits of Having Event Registration Kiosks and Onsite Badge Printing Services

event registration kiosks and onsite badge printing

An event lives and dies through its services. While the main attraction is always the speakers or other activities, the services around them are their lifeblood. Event registration kiosks and onsite badge printing services make the organisers’ lives easier. However, that benefit covers a broad scope. 

Here are specific benefits you can get from these services: 

1. Streamlined Registration Process

The registration process used to be a tedious process involving multiple staff members. With event registration kiosks, you can let the participants register by themselves. This process isn’t overly complicated since users will be greeted with a user-friendly interface. If you know how to operate a phone or tablet, you already know how to use the devices. 

2. Improved Efficiency

These events are supposed to be relaxing and informative. By making the registration process more manageable, you’re eliminating the first-day jitters from participants. Furthermore, your staff are more relaxed and can focus on other pressing issues. The most crucial component of these events is your human resource. Having relaxed personnel will do wonders for your team. 

3. Real-time Data Accuracy

While manual data tracking has its uses, an automated one leaves no room for error. The trusted method for event registration has always been through spreadsheets or attendance sheets. You can eliminate the potential human error associated with those methods by automating the process. 

4. Enhanced Branding and Professionalism

Different events aim to make a lasting impression on their participants. Giving your attendees an unforgettable and smooth experience will do wonders for your company. Furthermore, having custom badges and other swag gives your company clear branding. Since branding serves as your identity, you can leave a good impression on your attendees. 

5. Onsite Registration Flexibility

While pre-registering is available, some attendees choose to register onsite. With previous methods, onsite registration can get confusing. By automating this process, you’re helping your staff and the participants save time and effort. Additionally, you’re making the onsite registration process more accessible. 

Event Registration Kiosks and Onsite Badge Printing Services FAQs

How do event registration kiosks improve the attendee experience?

Long queues used to be a significant part of onsite event registration. These services eliminate that glaring problem and allow participants to get comfortable quickly. 

What are the advantages of onsite badge printing?

The alternative for onsite badges used to be handwritten ones. However, handwritten badges don’t look professional and might hurt your company’s branding. An onsite badge printing service gives you a professional-looking badge on demand. 

Are event registration kiosks suitable for all types of events?

These kiosks can be used for different events. Any event that requires registration can significantly benefit from these services. One of the most common problems these events encounter involves registration; avoid these problems by getting these services. 

Rental Mice is One of The Providers of Event Registration Kiosks and Onsite Badge Printing Services in Singapore

Different events face various challenges. However, one thing is almost sure for all of them: the queue during the registration process is lengthy. While this problem has slowly been addressed as time passes, the solutions seem insufficient. 

You won’t have to worry about the hectic nature of the registration process any more. This process has improved with event registration kiosks and badge printing services. By discussing each service and its benefits, we hope we have made things clearer. 

Rental Mice specializes in technology rental services in Singapore. At RentalMice, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all your event needs. From seamless event registration to on-the-spot badge printing, from lead retrieval solutions to event mobile apps, and even virtual event platforms, we have you covered. We aim to ensure your event’s success by providing different devices and services. We will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to elevate your events to new heights.

With a decade of experience, RentalMice has established itself as a trusted and dependable ally for event organizers. You can rely on our expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence. So, whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale conference, let RentalMice be your go-to partner for event technology solutions.

Join us on this exciting journey and let’s create extraordinary events together. Contact RentalMice today and let the magic begin!

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