Personalised Bonded Internet Setup

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Bonded Internet brings more bandwidth to your business.

How do Bonded Internet Connections increase Bandwidth?

You can now combine multiple Broadband connections such as DSL, Cable, Fiber etc. to aggregate bandwidth. Combine connections to any carrier connectivity and introduce the sum total of both upload and download bandwidths to your network. You can now have all the bandwidth you require and expand as needed.

Cellular and Fixed Wireless Bonded Internet Connections – Broadband speeds for remote and Rural businesses

Businesses in remote locations with insufficient Broadband can Bond Multiple Cellular 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and fixed wireless connections to provide adequate bandwidth. Great for rural businesses, cottages, temporary construction offices, Mobile Homes, Food Trucks and more.

Keep your existing Internet connection

Bonded Internet technology allows you to keep your existing ISP agreements. By diversifying Internet carriers your business can take advantage of high availability using features such as Active Active Failover.

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