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There are five major smartphone lines that Samsung offers. Outside of these, there are also Samsung phones in other categories.

The Samsung Galaxy S line is the crown jewel of Samsung’s mobile division. When it comes to Samsung phones, the Galaxy S line represents the best-of-the-best for the general consumer. Galaxy S phones usually are some of the most powerful phones with one of the best available camera systems when they launch.

In 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is the company’s highest-profile release. Included within that family are the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Obviously, the Ultra is the biggest and most powerful of them all (and also the most expensive).

One of the ways Samsung differentiates the Galaxy S line from competitors’ phones is by working with chipset-maker Qualcomm to bring the latest mobile processor to the line. To that end, the Samsung phones in the Galaxy S family are almost always the very first devices to hit the global market with the flagship processor of that year. Unfortunately, this only applies to North America, as international models get Exynos processors instead.

Originally, critics mocked Samsung’s Galaxy Note line. The idea of making an enormous smartphone with a built-in stylus seemed crazy, but Samsung’s commitment to the Note line paid off. Over time, the Galaxy Note line became synonymous with words like “elite” and “premium.”

In those early days, the Galaxy Note line was different from the Galaxy S line by size, specs, and design. In the late 2010s, the two lines blurred over into each other quite a bit. Today, the two phone series have finally become one, as the Note name has been retired and the S22 Ultra takes its place as Samsung’s flagship phone for power users.

The Samsung Galaxy Z series is the most recent addition to the Galaxy family. This is where all the Samsung phones with foldable displays live. Technically, the first phone in the line is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but the Samsung Galaxy Fold has basically been retconned as the progenitor of the series, even though it didn’t have the “Z” in its name.

Regardless, if you see “Galaxy Z” attached to a device, that will mean it has a foldable display. Since the smartphone industry has matured at this point (i.e. growth of the overall industry is stagnant), companies will need to innovate ways to create user demand for new types of products. Samsung is betting big that foldable phones are the future.


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