What Is an AV Technician?

An AV Technician is someone who operates and maintains audio and visual technology. This person troubleshoots equipment problems, installs a system, and links multiple pieces of hardware together. AV technician and audiovisual technician are synonyms, so use whatever’s easiest for you.

AV technicians are important to your business’s success, and shouldn’t be grouped into your IT organization. AV technicians are specifically concerned with, you guessed it, audio and visual technology. An IT manager is generally concerned with equipment related to internet technology. This includes databases, computing equipment, and other internet-based hardware.

What does an Audio Visual Technician Do?

AV technicians have a variety of job functions. Their responsibilities are primarily to install, maintain, and update technology for an employer. For example, you could be tasked with deciding which TV to install in each conference room to turn it into a smart meeting room. When you have questions about how to fix a system, they’re also the ones to call. Some also have experience with the software required for these systems.

An AV technician cares about the quality of the sound and images of the technology used in their offices and meeting rooms. Although the equipment is different at every company, an audio visual technician ensures that image quality and sound are always of the highest quality.

Although purchasing teams often decide which AV systems to pick, they typically don’t have any experience with installing the system. AV technicians have the ability to install the equipment and the knowledge to link it to your current systems.

AV Technician Skills

AV technicians should be knowledgeable about the components of AV systems, as well as their installation and maintenance needs. Technicians must use electrical and internet connectivity knowledge to connect with other equipment. They should also have a good eye for image and sound quality, and detect when something seems off.

Another necessary skill set is excellent interpersonal skills. While technicians are responsible for working with the equipment, they also have to work with the people requesting it. They should be able to interact with employees and describe the problems or solutions that exist.

Any issues that arise can create a high-stress situation for the group who needs a quick solution. A great technician can calm the situation, explain the problem, and fix it quickly. They should be able to provide a list of solutions or workarounds to help in the future is also required.

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